Humpty dumpty

h u m p t y   dumpty
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Butter cream (1 quantity)


1.Preheat oven to moderate. Grease and line 14cm x 21cm loaf pan. Make cake according to directions on packet, pour into pan, bake in moderate oven about 50 minutes. Stand cake in pan 5 minutes, turn onto wire rack to cool. Using serrated knife, level cake top.
2.Tint one-third of the butter cream with green colouring. Spread green butter cream into a rough 20cm x 30cm rectangle on prepared board.
3.Position cake on butter cream, cut-side down. Tint remaining butter cream with brown colouring, spread all over cake.
4.Position chocolate-covered fruit and nuts over cake.
5.Place coconut and green colouring in small plastic bag, rub until coconut is evenly coloured. Sprinkle around cake.
6.Position Humpty Dumpty on cake.
7.Cut tartan ribbon into two 5cm pieces and two 7cm pieces. Using glue, stick remaining tartan ribbon around lower half of plastic egg container.
8.Cut white ribbon into two 6cm pieces and one 23cm piece. Using glue, stick the 23cm piece of white ribbon above tartan ribbon. Fold ends over to form the collar. To help hold collar in place while glue is drying, wrap a piece of black thread several times around white ribbon, as shown. Once glue has dried, remove thread.
9.Tie black ribbon into a small bow; glue in position.
10.To make hands, fold the two remaining white ribbon pieces in half crossways, sew two long ends together. Using a wooden skewer, push a little of the cottonwool into cavity. Wrap a piece of white thread, about 2cm from folded edge, to form wrist. Using white thread, sew along folded edge to form fingers, as shown.
11.To make arms, fold the two 5cm tartan pieces in half lengthways. Sew long edge of each tartan piece together to form a tube. Slip one of the hands into the end of each tube, secure into place by inserting the needle and wrapping black thread around the wrist, as shown.
12.Using a wooden skewer stuff arms with a little of the cottonwool, as shown. Secure ends by sewing 1cm from open ends.
13.To make legs, fold the 7cm pieces of tartan in half lengthways. Sew long edge and one short edge of each tartan piece together. Using a wooden skewer stuff the legs with a little of the cottonwool. Bend the sewn short end to make foot; stitch in place, as shown. Secure ends by sewing 1cm from open ends.
14.Glue arms and legs to body, allow glue to dry.
15.Using permanent marker, draw face.
16.licorice on head for hair with a little glue.

It’s best to make Humpty Dumpty several days ahead to allow the glue to thoroughly dry, alternatively, you could use a purchased Humpty Dumpty toy. Help secure collar in place with sewing thread. Sew along folded edge with white thread to form fingers. Sew tartan edges together to form a tube for the arm. Secure hand to tartan tube by wrapping thread around wrist. Use wooden skewer to gently stuff arm with cottonwool. Bend end of tartan leg to make a foot, then stitch in place. Position the chocolate-covered fruit and nuts on cake for wall. Sprinkle the green-coloured coconut onto butter cream.


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