Quick & Easy

Hoot hoot horray owl birthday cake

These adorable owl cakes from The Australian Women's Weekly's 'Easy Party Cakes' cookbook are perfect for your little ones that love animals. They'll love the big 'mother' owl and the little baby owls.




1.Remove icing from cake. Level large cake top if necessary; turn cake cut-side down. Remove paper cases from cupcakes if necessary. Spread cake and cupcakes with frosting. Dust with sifted cocoa.
2.Carefully twist mini biscuits apart. Cut the uniced halves into two; position in cupcakes for wings. Push brown mini M&M’s into iced biscuit halves for eyes; position on cupcakes.
3.Using picture as a guide, position 6 mini orange M&M’s on each small owl as talons, and 1 mini orange M&M as a nose.
4.Repeat with larger biscuit (but discard the uniced pieces of biscuits), brown M&M’s and orange M&M’s for large owl. Cut wagon wheel in half and push into sides of large owl for wings

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