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Fairy princess birthday cake

fairy princess birthday cake
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1.Bake cakes according to packet.
2.Level cake tops. Split all cakes in half. Secure one round to the 20cm cake board. Spread with a cup of ganache, top with one other half cake. Repeat with ganache and another half cake round (so there are three half cakes sandwiched with ganache).
3.Cut 10cm circles from the remaining three cake halves. Secure one cake round onto the 10cm cake board. Spread with ¼ cup ganache, top with another cake round. Repeat with ganache and remaining cake round.
4.Pour hundreds and thousands into a shallow baking tray. Spread sides of cakes with ganache. Hold cakes by the top and bottom and roll in the hundreds and thousands, making sure that all the ganache is covered.
5.Secure the larger cake to the 30cm cake board with a little ganache. Spread the tops of both cakes with ganache, sprinkle the remaining hundreds and thousands over cake tops, ensuring all of the ganache is covered. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm.
6.Carefully spread a little ganache on top of the large cake in the centre, place the smaller cake on top (this helps to secure the two cakes together if it is to be transported). Tie the ribbon around the base of the top cake with a bow. Decorate cake with a number (such as the age of the child), if you like.

20cm (8-inch) round cardboard cake board10cm (4-inch) round cardboard cake board30cm (12-inch) round cake board10cm (4-inch) round cutter Use regular hundreds andthousands for a brighter,less pastel, cake.


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