Doggie cupcakes

Who's a cute doggie, then? No one will be able to resist these cute doggie cupcakes, when they also taste delicious too!
Cute doggie cupcakes
1H 30M




1.Divide frosting into three small bowls. Tint one bowl pale grey with black colouring, one pale brown, and leave remaining bowl plain.
2.Discard paper cases from mini muffins; spread each frosting over four cake tops. Secure mini muffins, sideways, on top of large muffins, with a little frosting.
3.Spread grey frosting all over four cakes. Cut licorice strap into 3 x 5cm slices; using picture as a guide, trim to resemble ears and nose. Halve one jelly bean for eyes, and halve one jelly bean lengthways for nose; position on cake. Trim red strap into a 1.5cm piece for tongue; position on cake. Repeat with remaining grey cakes.
4.Spread brown frosting over four cakes. Using picture as a guide, position a milk chocolate Melt for nose; secure a thin slice of soft licorice onto Melt with a little frosting. Cut marshmallows in half; attach one brown M&M to one half; position on cake for eye. Attach another brown M&M onto face for eye. Using picture as a guide, trim licorice strap into 2 x 3cm pieces for ears; position on cake. Repeat with remaining brown cakes.
5.Place plain frosting into piping bag fitted with the tube. Pipe all over remaining four cakes to add texture. Using picture as a guide, position the white chocolate Melts to form ears and nose. Trim a small piece of licorice strap into a triangle for nose. Cut 1 jelly bean in half and position for eyes. Cut pink section of licorice allsort into triangles and position on top of cake for bow. Cut red sour strap into thirds lengthways, place around neck for collar; position yellow MM for tag. Repeat with remaining plain cakes.

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