Cute mouse cake

Quiet as a mouse. This cute heart shaped mouse is a fun animal birthday cake.
Mouse cake
1H 30M




1.Level cake tops. Spread one cake with a little frosting; top with remaining cake. Using picture as a guide, trim cake into a heart shape, removing as little of cake as possible. Secure cake to cake board using a little frosting.
2.Reserve 1/3 cup of the frosting; tint remaining frosting grey. Spread grey frosting all over cake. Spoon reserved frosting into ziptop bag, snip one corner, carefully pipe a heart-shaped face in centre of cake, fill with remaining white frosting, smooth with a spatula.
3.Flatten each bottom half of pink marshmallows with palm of your hand and position on cake for ears, top with white marshmallow halves. Cut jube in half horizontally; position cut-side up on face for eyes. Cut Tic Tac in halfcrossways; position on top of eyes for pupils. Cut musk stick in half crossways then slice each half into long thin strips, position on cake as whiskers. Position double D lolly for nose.

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