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Chocolate hazelnut cups

These divine little bite-sized chocolate hazelnut cakes are the perfect size for such a rich, indulgent recipe.
chocolate hazelnut cups
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1.In a bowl, melt chocolate chips over saucepan of water. Do not let bowl touch water. Using a small, clean paint brush, paint chocolate thickly inside 12 miniature foil baking cups. Place baking cups on tray, refrigerate about 5 minutes or until chocolate sets. Peel away baking cups.
2.Combine hazelnut spread and hazelnut meal in a small bowl, spoon mixture into piping bag fitted with ½-inch fluted tube.
3.Divide pieces of wafer and toasted hazelnuts among baking cups. Pipe chocolate mixture into baking cups. Sprinkle with extra hazelnut meal

You can make your own hazelnut meal by grinding skinned hazelnuts in a nut mill or food processor until they reach the consistency of cornmeal


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