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Berry, ricotta and mint muffins

berry, ricotta and mint muffins
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1.Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F. Grease 6-hole (¾-cup/180ml) texas muffin pan.
2.Finely chop mint leaves. Sift flours and soda into large bowl; rub in coarsely chopped butter. Stir in sugar, berries, cheese and mint. Stir in lightly beaten egg and milk; do not over-mix (mixture should be lumpy).
3.Divide mixture into pan holes. Bake about 35 minutes. Stand muffins in pan 5 minutes before turning, top-side up, onto wire rack to cool. Dust with sifted icing sugar before serving.

Wrap individual muffins in plastic wrap and freeze for up to three months. Defrost muffins as required either overnight in the refrigerator or in the microwave on high (100%) for about 30 seconds.


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