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Pick-a-flavour pizza night: Air fryer pizza supreme

Because who doesn't love pizza night!
Pick-a-flavour pizza night
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Put the fun back in pizza night with our flavoursome, air fryer pizza variations! They only take 25 minutes to make and can be loaded with extra toppings.

Make it a party and pair these delicious pizzas with our air fryer chips and wedges six ways.

Prawn (left) and Gimme Green (right)

PRAWN – Omit the meats and mozzarella and replace with 8 uncooked peeled, cleaned prawns tossed in 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil. Serve topped with rocket and grated lemon rind.

GIMME GREEN – Omit the meats and replace with 175g halved broccolini stalks and ¼ cup halved kalamata olives. Serve topped with crumbled goat’s cheese and grated lemon rind.

Eggplant & ricotta (left) and Pizza Supreme (right)

EGGPLANT & RICOTTA – Omit the meats and replace with 450g chargrilled eggplant slices and 100g ricotta. Serve topped with pesto.

PIZZA SUPREME – Refer to the main recipe below.




Preheat a 7-litre air fryer to 180C for 3 minutes.


Join dough balls into one large ball on a lightly-floured surface. Roll out into a 16cm x 26cm oval on a piece of baking paper. Trim baking paper so it is 3cm larger all around than the dough base.


Spread base with pasta sauce; top with onion, bacon, pancetta, chorizo, mozzarella and chilli (or choose another pizza flavour).


Taking care, using the paper as an aid, lower the pizza into the air fryer basket. Reset the temperature to 170˚C; cook for 15 minutes until pizza crust is golden and cooked through.


Serve pizza topped with basil leaves.

You can find fresh dough balls in the refrigerated section of the supermarket.


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