Easter recipes

Our best-ever hot cross bun recipes

There's no need to visit your supermarket when you can create fluffy, sweet, sticky buns at home.
Easter baking ideas

We’ve pulled together a collection of our best hot cross bun recipes, with every variation – from the classic fruit recipe, to a more modern chocolate version. There’s a gluten-free hot cross bun recipe for those with allergies, and some cute cookies to give out as edible gifts for adults and children alike.

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Mini choc chip hot cross scones


Mini choc chip hot cross scones

A super fast and easy recipe for classic hot cross scones with the distinctive chocolate cross on top.

Cheat's hot cross bun dessert


Cheat’s hot cross bun dessert

Cheat’s hot cross bun dessert

Got a few leftover hot cross buns or a packet from the supermarket? Here is an easy dessert idea to use them up.

easter hot cross bun pudding


Easter hot cross bun pudding

Just in case leftover hot cross buns are an issue in your home, you could do a lot worse than use them to make this delicious hot cross bun pudding!



Hot cross bun scones

Hot cross bun scones Combine the moist, crumbly texture of homemade scones with the fruity flavours and spices of hot cross buns.

Hot cross bun cookies


Hot cross bun cookies

Hot cross bun cookies

CHOC-CHIP Hot Cross Buns


Best ever choc-chip hot cross buns

Traditionalists may scorn at the inclusion of chocolate in this best ever hot cross bun recipe, but we think there is a place for the humble choc-chip. Either way, enjoy them hot from the oven with lashings of butter.

Fig, maple and walnut hot cross buns


Fig, maple and walnut hot cross buns

Packed full of delicious dried figs and chopped walnuts and finished off with a sticky maple glaze, these easy hot cross buns are the perfect way to jazz up the standard Easter buns we know and love.


Hot cross buns

Fill your home with the scent of Easter with these beautiful hot cross buns.

Easy hot cross buns


Easy hot cross buns

This easy hot cross buns recipe is great for beginners.


Mini choc-chip hot cross buns

These mini chocolate chip hot cross buns are perfect for smaller morning tea snacks.

Noughts and Crosses chocolate chip Easter Buns


Noughts and cross white chocolate hot cross buns

These [white chocolate chip hot cross buns] have adorable pink noughts and crosses on top to create a fun and festive Easter treat.

Hot cross bun cookies


Hot cross bun cookies

These adorable hot cross bun cookies have all the same beautiful flavours and are great for Easter gifts, or smaller mid-morning snacks.


Chocolate bread and butter pudding

Try this hot cross bun chocolate bread and butter pudding as a delicious way to use up leftovers.


Gluten-free hot cross buns

Try our gluten-free hot cross bun recipe to enjoy all the flavours of Easter, even with allergies or intollerances.

CHOC-CHIP Hot Cross Buns


Choc-chip hot cross buns

The best ever choc-chip hot cross buns recipe, straight from The Australian Women’s Weekly Test Kitchen. Make them yourself this Easter.


Easter bun pudding

This cinnamon and pear Easter bun pudding is another fantastic way to use up extra hot cross buns, and makes a brilliant autumn dessert.

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hot cross buns on a tray

Overnight hot cross buns

Straight from the oven or lightly toasted, these fruit-studded buns are a Good Friday breakfast ritual dating back centuries. This recipe is from our cookbook Baking from our Test Kitchen Collection.