Healthy pumpkin salad recipes

One of our favourite ingredients to add into salads is warm roasted pumpkin. It bulks up the dish, keeping you fuller for longer, and provides a lovely natural sweetness. Pumpkin pairs beautifully with most ingredients, with everything from salty cheeses like feta and goat's cheese, to chickpeas, roasted lamb and nutty grains. Take a flick through our recipes and discover how adding pumpkin to your salads can take your healthy lunches from bland to brilliant in no time.
Pumpkin, red capsicum and walnut salad
Lebanese roasted pumpkin salad.
Pumpkin, ricotta and beetroot salad
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November 30, 1974

Pumpkin, ricotta and beetroot salad

Ground lemon myrtle is available from specialist spice shops and some gourmet food stores. Lemon myrtle is a small tree that grows in sub-tropical and tropical rainforest areas of Queensland. Ground lemon myrtle is a ground mixture of the dried leaf and flower; it has a strong lemon flavour. If you can’t find it, use […]
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