24 kale recipes you’ll go crazy for

Why not give kale a go?
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It seems like the only vegetable anyone talks about these days is kale – and maybe avocado. But there’s more to this versatile veg than just being the trendiest, leafiest green around: packed with vitamins and minerals, this wonderfully delicious ingredient will crisp up beautifully to top soups, blend blissfully into smoothies and give a delicious crunch to plenty of roasted dinners. So why not give kale a go?

parsnip soup with kale chips
June 30, 1975

Parsnip soup with kale chips

Be extremely careful when blending hot soup, let it cool a little first. Don’t overfill the blender, one third to half full is a good guide, and make sukre the lid is secure. Alternatively use a stick blender. Note
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