24 seriously delicious salmon recipes

Often labelled as one of the healthiest types of fish to eat, due to it's high omega-3 fatty acids and protein levels, salmon is just as delicious as it is nutritious. This pink fish is beautiful enjoyed on it's own, whether that be raw, steamed or grilled with a light sauce. It also goes beautifully tossed through a salad or pasta dish, smoked and layered upon a pizza, or flaked throughout a flavoursome quiche. These recipes showcase our favourite ways to cook this brilliant piece of seafood, and are perfect for lunch or dinner.
salmon with green papaya salad recipe
May 31, 1976

Roast salmon with fennel and apple salad

If you don’t have a large enough oven tray to fit the salmon, ask the fishmonger to remove the head of the salmon for you. Salmon can also be cooked on a covered barbecue. Note
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