Roast salmon with fennel and apple salad

1H 15M



1.Combine currants and ½ cup of the verjuice in a small bowl. Cover; stand until required.
2.Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan-forced).
3.Wipe salmon cavity clean; season inside and out. Fill cavity with onion, lemon, bay leaves and basil. Secure opening with skewers.
4.Line a large oven tray with foil, then baking paper; grease paper with butter. Place salmon in the centre. Pour remaining verjuice over salmon; fold foil and paper over salmon to enclose tightly.
5.Bake salmon for 50 minutes or until salmon is almost cooked through. Remove from oven; rest 20 minutes.
6.Meanwhile, pick leaves from parsley; finely chop half the parsley stems. Reserve feathery fronds from fennel. Thinly slice fennel using a mandoline or V-slicer. Peel and core apples; cut into matchsticks using a mandoline or V-slicer.
7.Carefully peel away skin from salmon. Transfer salmon to a large platter.
8. Strain cooking juices into a small saucepan; place over high heat until hot.
9. Place currant mixture, parsley leaves, chopped parsley stems, apple, fennel and oil in a large bowl; toss gently to combine. Season to taste. Top salmon with half the salad.
10. Serve salmon with remaining salad and fennel fronds; drizzle with warm cooking juices

If you don’t have a large enough oven tray to fit the salmon, ask the fishmonger to remove the head of the salmon for you. Salmon can also be cooked on a covered barbecue.


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