Fight the gloom with these good mood foods

Your store-cupboard is hiding a wealth of natural mood-boosters.

Roasted beetroot and millet salad

With vitamins, minerals and amino acids proven to help improve serotonin levels, these foods are the ones to reach for when feeling anxious, tired or in need of a boost.

easy banana pancakes recipe

Banana pancakes with butterscotch sauce will put a smile on anyone’s face!


Bananas contain trytophan, an amino acid that helps to raise serotonin levels, and are packed full of potassium, which makes them a great choice for anyone feeling stressed or tired.

Marinara with buckwheat noodles

Seafood marinara with buckwheat noodles.


A ‘smart carb’ that isn’t actually a grain at all, buckwheat is closely related to the rhubarb plant and is gluten free. It’s rich in B vitamins, vital for regulating energy levels, as well as calcium and magnesium, which aid relaxation and ease tired and achy muscles.

Roasted beetroot and millet salad


Like bananas, millet (a whole grain) is high in trytophan and so boosts serotonin levels. If consumed before bed, it can also aid in a deeper and better sleep, and, as it is rich in silicon, it’s great for healthy skin, hair, teeth, eyes and nails.

Chocolate, oat and cranberry brownies.


Oats contain mood-boosting mineral selenium, but their real value lies in their low-glycemic index (GI). This means that they release energy slowly, maintaining steady blood sugar levels, and leveling your mood.

shogani cocktail with oysters

Shoganai cocktail with oysters


Oysters are a mood-booster in more ways than one. They’re high in zinc, which is a mineral essential for energy production and brain health; all it takes is three oysters to get more than 100 per cent of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of zinc.

Date and rose pomegranate molasses


With five times more calcium than milk, more iron than eggs and heaps of potassium, molasses is a great mood-booster. While it is high in sugar, replacing regular cane sugar with a spoonful of molasses when baking is a tasty, and effective, substitute.

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