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Make every meal a convenience with these food subscription boxes

Cooking made simple, easy and delicious.

Whether you don’t have time to constantly go grocery shopping, or you’re just wanting to discover new flavours at home, a food subscription box is perfect for you.

It’s the easiest way to explore new recipes and indulge in your passion for food without ever having to leave your doorstep, making it utterly convenient for the time conscious.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to explore new cooking techniques that will elevate your kitchen skills to the next level. What’s not to love?

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The best food subscription boxes in Australia

If you’re ready to switch things up at home and subscribe to a regular delivery of pre-packaged meals, ingredients, and recipes, read on for the best food subscription boxes in Australia.


hellofresh subscription box

HelloFresh, up to $130 off your first 4 boxes with code ‘MEDIA130’

With HelloFresh you’ll get 25 fresh recipes sent to you every week, along with a changing selection of desserts, snacks, and sides to enjoy.

“I had my doubts before trying this, but this has been a fantastic service so far. Lots of recipes to choose from, reasonably priced, super easy recipes that work every time,” a five-star reviewer said.



marley spoon subscription box

Marley Spoon, up to $190 off your first 4 orders

Cook delicious meals at home with Marley Spoon’s boxes, featuring fresh ingredients that are pre-portioned and sent with photographed recipe cards.

“We’ve been using Marley for a few years now and love the convenience, variety & quality. Certainly makes our life easier and more organised,” a five-star reviewer said.



everyplate subscription box

EveryPlate, up to 40% off your meals

Cook tasty meals from scratch with EveryPlate when you choose meals for two, four or six people in your household. You can pick your recipes, skip weeks and cancel at any time.

“I was pleasantly surprised how easy and tasty the meals are. I like that I can check the nutritional information for each recipe and plan the weeks meals accordingly,” a five-star reviewer said.



dinnerly subscription box

Dinnerly, up to $150 off your first 5 orders

Each week you can choose from Dinnerly’s 50+ recipes, including family friendly, vegetarian, vegan, fast, healthy and reduced-carb options to create at home.

“Huge fan of Dinnerly. What they advertise is what you get. Fresh ingredients, clear recipes and delivery like clockwork. Highly recommended, makes me want to cook,” a five-star reviewer said.



weight watchers membership

Weight Watchers, your first 3 months free

With a Weight Watchers membership you’ll get a plan designed to help you reach your personal weight-loss goals while eating the foods you love.

“Enjoying the WW experience using the online app, very easy to use highly recommend this for anyone struggling to get to class, I have a busy schedule which suits my lifestyle and losing slowly, lots of good recipes to follow so give it ago,” a five-star reviewer said.



macros subscription box

Macros, $20 off your first order with code ‘YOUR20’

Enjoy home-delivered, dietician-designed meals calibrated to suit your fitness needs with Macros. They’re ready-made and pre-portioned so you simply heat and eat.

“Quality healthy meals with good ingredients and decent size. Delivery is easy to track and monitor. Packaging of meals is high quality,” a five-star reviewer said.



soulara subscription box

Soulara, $120 off your first 6 orders with code ‘120SOULARA’

Enjoy an ever-growing selection of plant-based meals, snacks and drinks, with over 50+ options via Soulara that are prepared fresh to order.

“The meals are really tasty and there’s a great variety as the menu is updated almost every week. The lentil bolognese is my favourite,” a five-star reviewer said.



garden of vegan subscription box

Garden of Vegan, $100 off your first 4 orders

Garden of Vegan offers 100 per cent organic plant-based ready-meals that are made without oil, refined sugar and gluten. You can choose from a range of standard and deluxe fruit, veggie, mixed and juicing boxes.

“Really tasty and nutritious, loved it. My toddler grabbed his own spoon and I had to share as he loved it too and he wouldn’t leave my bowl alone,” a five-star reviewer said.



the st food co subscription box

The St.Food Co., 45% off your first order

Enjoy tasty, ready-made meals, prepared by professional chefs, delivered to your door with The St.Food Co. Each meal is loaded with flavour, and ready to eat in just three minutes.

“These meals are so easy and convenient for those nights or days you don’t want to cook and they are delicious, best pre-made meals we have tried,” a five-star reviewer said.



youfoodz subscription box

YouFoodz, up to $200 off your first 5 boxes with code ‘YF200’

Enjoy a range of healthy ready-made meals delivered fresh to your door each week with YouFoodz. Weekly deliveries can be easily paused, skipped or cancelled.

“I love the flavours of the meals, portion sizes and convenience. I am always excited to eat my lunches from youfoodz,” a five-star reviewer said.


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