24 magical mushroom recipes

This humble fungus is an extremely versatile ingredient to many dishes, and happens to be packed full of fibre and plant-based protein, making it an excellent substitute for vegetarian diets. We've pulled together our favourite mushroom recipes for you enjoyment, from breakfast dishes like brushetta and ricotta-stuffed shrooms, to lunch and dinner stews, risottos and pasta. There's also a recipe for a traditional mushroom soup, and a few cheeky pizza recipes - dig in!
Mushroom, sage and buckwheat risotto
cabbage and mushroom spring rolls
Quick & Easy
May 30, 2012

Cabbage and mushroom spring rolls

Wombok, or chinese cabbage, is identified by its elongated shape and overlapping leaves. It has a mild flavour and a wonderful crunch, perfect for stir-fries and salads. Note
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