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Warming winter drinks

There's nothing better than kick-starting your day with a fine cup of coffee, except perhaps finishing it with a warming mug of hot chocolate! And whether you prefer yours spiked with a cheeky shot of rum or love to indulge your younger side with a decadent bowl of hot cocoa and marshmallows, these easy drinks have you covered. You'll also find recipes for mulled wine, chai tea and a sophisticated hot buttered rum. Cheers!

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    Mulled wine

    Nothing says après-ski quite like a big glass of mulled wine. You can create an Alpine atmosphere even on the flats with this recipe for mulled wine spiked with brandy from Madison.

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    Indian chai

    Indian chai is a milky tea flavoured with various spices that has become increasingly popular throughout the world. The spices used vary from region to region and we think this recipe has the perfect, fragrant balance.

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    Irish coffee

    Sweet and spiked with liqueur, you can offer Irish coffee in place of traditional dessert.

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    Hot buttered rum cocktail

    Mixology master Frankie Walker says Hot Buttered Rum is great for sharing – you can make up a batch in advance. It’s also a classic cocktail, with its roots very much in Jamaica.

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    Greek coffee

    A traditional briki (small pot) is the best pot to use when making Greek coffee because it allows the proper amount of froth to form, which in turn adds to the unique taste.

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    Hot cocoa bowls

    Like the folk at Madison, we agree there is something beautifully ceremonial about sitting in contemplative silence and enjoying your hot cocoa, complete with marshmallow, from a bowl.

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    Caramel latte

    Who needs expensive coffee chains when you can whip up your own caramel latte with this recipe from recipes+? You can froth the milk for texture and experiment with different syrups.

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    Spiked hot chocolate

    More than just a drink, this luscious hot chocolate spiked with liqueur and topped with Maltesers is a dessert in its own right.

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    Mexican hot chocolate mix

    This spicy hot cocoa mix is indulgent and comforting on cool nights and just the thing to finish a Mexican meal. Warm, rich and creamy, with gentle heat from the ginger and chilli.

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    Sailor Jerry rum hot chocolate

    A sneaky rum kick makes this special chocolatey hot drink that little bit more decadent. Perfect to snuggle up with on a cold night.

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