Nasi goreng with chicken and shrimp

Nasi goreng is a traditional Indonesian fried rice dish, served here with chicken, prawns, crisp fresh vegetables, tasty sauce and a delicious fried egg.

Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 16, 2019

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    This vegan gado gado recipe makes the most of delicious and fresh vegetables with a dairy-free peanut sauce you'll want to pour on everything.

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    Add a touch of spice to dinnertime with these flavour-packed Indonesian recipes! With influences from the country's 6,000 islands, their authentic dishes offer a huge and varying range of flavours and here, we've gathered 16 of our best dishes. There's everything from Indonesia's national dish of nasi goreng topped with a fried egg to a mixed gado gado platter. For something with a bit more kick, try our recipe for stuffed chillies or our spicy Indonesian chicken soup.

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  • Egg fu yung

    A traditional dish in Chinese Indonesian cuisine, egg fu yung is a delicious omelette made from the mixture of Asian vegetables and meats. It is served here with fresh prawns and shiitake mushrooms.

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  • Indonesian fried rice

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  • Nasi goreng

    Add a spark to your meal time, by bringing an aromatic, pork version of this staple Indonesian spicy rice dish to life.

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  • Asian pork and noodle soup

    This delicious Asian soup is full of tender pork and thick hokkien noodles, the perfect warming dish for cool Winter evenings.

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