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Satay prawns

Sate Prawns



1.Shell prawns; using point of small knife, cut each prawn down back and re-move back vein. With sharp knife, make deep slit down back of prawn, taking care not to cut right through.
2.Combine marinade ingredients in bowl, add prawns, mix well, stand two hours.
3.Cut onions in half, then cut each half in wedges.
4.Peel oil in large pan or wok, add onions, saute until transparent, approximately two minutes.
5.Add prawns and marinade mixture to wok, saute until prawns have turned light pink and prawns are cooked, approximately three minutes, add water, mix well.
6.Arrange lettuce leaves around edge of plate, spoon prawns over. To serve in the traditional style, place small metal bowl in centre of prawns. Fill with warmed brandy and set alight. Pick up a prawn with chopsticks, hold over brandy flame to heat and flavour prawns.

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