10 ways with blood orange

Make the most of blood orange season with these recipes.
Blood orange tart

Blood orange tart (recipe below)

Picked up a few blood oranges from the greengrocer and looking for recipe inspiration?

Blood orange is a virtually seedless citrus fruit with blood-red rind and flesh; it has a sweet, non-acidic pulp and juice with slight strawberry or raspberry overtones.

Use it to make a blood orange cake, blood orange marmalade, or a twist on a classic margarita.

Looking for more citrus desserts? Or syrup cake recipes?.


Meringue tart

Blood orange meringue pies

Try something a little different with these delightful mini meringue pies.


Blood orange cakes

Blood orange cakes with mascarpone ice-cream

Delicate almond-based cakes made with olive oil for a distinct slightly savoury flavour.


Ice cream cake

Blood orange sorbet and ice-cream slice

The blood orange sorbet is paired with vanilla ice-cream in this dessert. Or try this blood orange sorbet recipe.


Syrup cakes

Blood orange syrup cakes with orange cream

These gorgeous treats are sweet to look at and especially sweet to eat.



Blood orange margarita

Blood orange adds depth as well as sweetness to a classic margarita.


Blood orange hazelnut cake

Blood orange hazelnut cake

The blood orange topping creates a lovely syrupy moisture throughout the dessert, which is brilliant served warm or cool.



Bitter blood orange and Campari marmalade

You’ll need 1 kilogram of blood oranges for this marmalade recipe.


Blood orange salad

Blood orange and beetroot salad

Strained blood orange juice is used in the dressing of this salad. It’s also topped with segments of the fruit.


Tangelo tart

Tangelo tart with candied blood oranges

The perfect dessert to serve at your next dinner party.


Blood orange glazed ham

Blood orange glazed ham

Pick up a jar of blood orange marmalade for this ham glaze.

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