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Toastie men

toastie men
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1.Preheat grill.
2.Using gingerbread man cutter, cut three 5cm men from each slice of bread; place on oven trays. Toast bread, in batches, under grill until browned both sides.
3.Divide cream cheese between two small bowls; stir ham and chives into one bowl, and stir tuna, cornichons and parsley into remaining bowl.
4.Spread level teaspoons of ham mixture onto each white toast; spread level teaspoons of tuna mixture onto each wholemeal toast.

This recipe is also egg-free and nut-free Cornichon, French for gherkin, is a very small variety of pickled cucumber; they are available from delicatessens and most major supermarkets. Handy hint; you can use a larger cutter of any shape instead of the small cutter used here. The fillings will keep, covered, overnight in the fridge; use any leftover filling to make sandwiches for lunch the next day.


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