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Japanese-style tuna with red-maple radish

For a sophisticated Japanese entrée, try this sashimi dish served with fiery daikon, toasted nori and black sesame.
japanese-style tuna with red-maple radish



1.Slice tuna as thinly as possible; place, in single layer, on large platter, drizzle with vinegar. Cover; refrigerate until required.
2.Meanwhile, grate peeled daikon finely. Place daikon and chilli in fine sieve set over small bowl; stir with small wooden spoon to combine then press with back of spoon to extract as much daikon liquid as possible.
3.Drain vinegar from tuna. Divide tuna among serving plates; drizzle with combined mirin and oil; sprinkle with seeds. Serve tuna with red-maple radish and seaweed.

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