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Homemade mint sauce

Nothing like the kind you buy in a jar.
Homemade mint sauce

Homemade mint sauce


Is it really a lamb roast if you don’t drown it in mint sauce and gravy. Vinegar adds a touch of sharpness, and the sugar balances it out perfectly.

This fresh mint sauce is great as a marinade for lovely lamb cutlets and perfect for dolloping over slices of juicy roast lamb.

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Meat for roast dinners

There is nothing more comforting than sitting down to a tender roast dinner on Sunday evening, complete with crispy crackling and a juicy middle.

But when picking your meat for the upcoming roast, it’s important to choose meat that will stay tender in the high heat, like these examples below:

Beef: Beef short ribs/spare ribs, butt fillet, lade roast, eye fillet (centre cut), eye of knuckle, rib eye/scotch fillet roast, rostbif, rump roast, rump cap, sirloin roast and standing rib roast.

Chicken: Whole chicken, wings and drumsticks.

Lamb: Forequarter rack, lamb leg roast or mini roast, lamb rump (denuded), loin roast, eye of shortloin/backstrap, Frenched lamb rack, neck fillet, ribs and shoulder.

Pork: Blade, chump, loin, pork leg, pork belly, spare rib, shoulder, tenderloin.



1.Place vinegar, sugar and water in a small saucepan. Cook, stirring over low heat until sugar dissolves.
2.Cool slightly before stirring through the mint.

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