Scotch eggs with herb mayonnaise

Create the classic British dish from scratch.

Learn to make the classic British scotch eggs from scratch. Boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and crumbed then fried. Perfect for a picnic or party.

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1.Boil six of the eggs in a medium saucepan of water for 6 minutes or until hard-boiled. Drain. Cool, then shell eggs.
2.Make herb mayonnaise. Combine ingredients in a small bowl; season to taste.
3.Place flour in a small shallow bowl. Beat remaining egg and milk in a small bowl until combined. Place breadcrumbs in a small shallow bowl.
4.Toss hard-boiled eggs in flour; shake off excess.
5.Divide sausage mince into six equal portions; using floured hands, shape mince around each egg. Dip in egg mixture, then in breadcrumbs.
6.Heat oil in a deep, wide saucepan; deep-fry eggs, in batches, until browned and cooked through. Drain on paper towel. Serve with herb mayonnaise.