Orange marmalade

Homemade marmalade is the best you can get. Make it when oranges are in season and gift a batch to your friends.
Orange marmalade
2 Kilogram
2H 30M



1.Wash oranges and lemons well. Quarter fruit and remove pips. Place pips on a doubled square of muslin and tie securely. Slice fruit with skin on finely into shreds and place in a heavy-based saucepan with pips. Add 2L water to cover and set aside overnight.
2.Next day, bring fruit and water to boil and simmer for 1-1 1/2 hours, until fruit is very soft and reduced by about one-third. Remove bag of pips, squeezing juice back into pan. Discard bag. Measure pulp to calculate correct amount of sugar to add. For every 2 1/2 cups pulp, add 500g sugar.
3.Over low heat, stir until sugar dissolves. Increase heat to high and boil rapidly for 15-20 minutes, until setting point is reached. Give a gentle stir every now and then to check that marmalade is not sticking to saucepan base.
4.Meanwhile, place a saucer in freezer. To check whether marmalade is at setting point, spoon a little onto saucer. Return to freezer for 1 minute. Run a finger through centre – if marmalade wrinkles and stays in two separate halves, it is ready. If not, continue cooking until this happens.
5.Cool a little and ladle into sterilised jars. Cover with lids and store.

To sterilise jars, place in a preheated 100°C oven for 5 minutes.