Barbecued pork rice paper rolls

Served with a plum dipping sauce, these pork and cabbage rice paper rolls are great for a share platter and require no cooking.
barbecued pork rice paper rolls
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Plum dipping sauce


1.Combine pork, wombok, carrot, capsicum,sprouts, onion, mint, sauces and juice in large bowl; season to taste.
2.To assemble rolls, place one rice paper sheet in medium bowl of warm water until softened. Lift sheet carefully from water; place, with one corner of the sheet facing you, on board covered with a tea towel. Place a little of the pork filling vertically along centre of sheet; fold top and bottom corners over filling then roll sheet from side to side to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining rice paper sheets and pork filling.
3.To make plum dipping sauce, combine ingredients in small bowl. Serve with rolls.

Chinese barbecued pork, a roasted pork fillet with a sweet, sticky coating, is available from Asian supermarkets. For a vegetarian version replace the pork with the same weight of firm tofu.


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