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Shaved Brussels sprout salad with pecorino

A tasty way to brighten a winter's day.
Shaved brussels sprouts salad with pecorinoPhotographers: John Paul Urizar, Craig Wall. Stylist: Olivia Blackmore.

This quick and easy brussels sprout salad is a delicious way to enjoy this winter vegetable. For this winter salad, brussels sprouts are served raw and thinly sliced for a nutritious midweek meal that’s full of texture, colour and flavour. Enjoy it as a starter, side dish or an impressive lunch or dinner – just add grilled chicken or fish, if you like. It’s crunchy, cheesy and zingy, with a burst of sweetness from the dried cranberries.





Make lemon Dijon dressing.


Using a mandoline, V-slicer or knife, thinly shave sprouts.


Finely grate half the Brazil nuts; coarsely chop remaining.


Place sprouts in a large bowl with onion, cranberries, half the grated Brazil nuts and the dressing; toss gently to combine. Serve salad topped with pecorino, chopped Brazil nuts and remaining grated Brazil nuts.


Place ingredients in a screw-top jar; season to taste. Shake well.

You can use shredded cabbage instead of the Brussels sprouts in this recipe.

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How to cook Brussels sprouts

While some of us may take some convincing, Brussels sprouts are a delicious, versatile winter vegetable that deserve a place at the table – not hidden under it!

Brussels sprouts can be eaten raw, as prepared in this salad, for a fast serve of vegies. For our frizzled Brussels sprouts with chilli honey recipe, we parboil then shallow fry halved sprouts until golden and crisp.

Sauteeing sprouts is another easy way to cook them – this winter vegetable sauté with prosciutto and hazelnuts is a nutrient-packed fry-up. Alternatively, roast sprouts with other winter vegies. Try this roasted cauliflower and sprouts or a nutty, roasted brussels sprouts and lentil salad.

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