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Fried brussels sprouts blue cheese dressing

Say goodbye to boring sprouts.

Even the most resistant will learn to love brussels sprouts when fried and served with this decadent blue cheese yoghurt dressing.

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1.Process yoghurt, blue cheese, mustard and honey until smooth. Transfer to a bowl; season to taste.
2.Combine rind and herbs in a small bowl; season.
3.Heat oil in a medium frying-pan over medium-high heat; shallow-fry sprouts, in batches, for 2 minutes or until golden but still green. Drain on paper towel.
4.Place sprouts in a large bowl; sprinkle with herb mixture, then toss to combine. Serve sprouts with blue cheese yoghurt for dipping.

If you prefer less oil, lightly coat brussels sprouts with cooking oil spray and grill or barbecue. Any blue cheese will work here, and lemon instead of lime is also delicious. If serving as a side dish, drizzle the blue cheese yoghurt over the sprouts.


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