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Chicken, salmon or paneer tikka kebabs


These tasty tikka kebabs are delicious whether you choose chicken, paneer or salmon. Super simple to make and taste delicious. Why not make all three.

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Mint yoghurt


1.Combine yoghurt and curry paste; divide between two bowls. Add your choice of protein to one bowl and toss to coat. Add capsicums and onion to remaining yoghurt mixture; toss to coat. Cover bowls; refrigerate for 10 minutes.
2.Meanwhile, to make mint yoghurt, combine ingredients in a small bowl; season to taste.
3.Thread chosen protein, capsicums and onion, alternating between them, onto skewers. Cook kebabs on a heated oiled chargrill plate (or barbecue), turning four times, for 12 minutes or until protein and vegetables are tender and grill marks appear.
4.Serve kebabs with mint yoghurt, mint leaves, lime pickle and grilled naan.

You will need 8 metal or wooden skewers for this recipe (see tips).

If using wooden skewers, you will need to soak them before threading the ingredients in step 3. Place skewers in a tall jug, then fill with boiling water; stand for 5 minutes. Rotate skewers, if not completely immersed in water, and soak for a further 5 minutes; drain.

Paneer is a creamy firm cheese sold in blocks, like fetta, in supermarkets.


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