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Smoked fish and spinach omelette

Smoked fish and spinach omelette



1.Soak sugar cane in water for an hour. Rub flesh side of fish with salt and sugar. Leave to stand while the sugar cane soaks.
2.Place sugar cane, cut side up, on a preheated barbecue and wait for it to start smoking.
3.Brush salt and sugar off the fish and place skin side down on the sugar cane. Cook, 10-15 minutes each side with the barbecue lid down. Check that the fish is cooked through before removing to a warm place to rest.
4.Heat butter and oil in a medium non-stick frying pan and add garlic, chilli, spinach and herbs. Cook, stirring until spinach wilts.
5.Combine eggs, cream and salt and pepper and pour over the spinach. Cook over a medium heat, pulling egg mixture into the centre of the frying pan until the eggs set and turn lightly golden brown on the bottom. Flake in the cooked fish as you cook the omelette.
6.To serve, fold one third of the omelette over the top of the rest of the omelette. Carefully slide the omelette onto the serving plate allowing it to fold over itself (roll up). Serve with sliced tomatoes that you have seasoned with salt and pepper, if you like.

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