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Roast leg of pork with pears and parsnips

ROAST LEG OF PORK with Pears and Parsnips
3H 15M



1.Preheat oven to 220°C/425°F.
2.Score pork rind with sharp knife; rub with oil then salt. Place pork in large shallow baking dish. Roast, uncovered, 20 minutes.
3.Reduce oven to 180°C/350°F; roast pork, uncovered, a further 2 hours.
4.Meanwhile, combine remaining ingredients in large bowl. Place, in single layer, on oven tray. Roast, uncovered, for last 45 minutes of pork roasting time or until tender. Season to taste.
5.Cover pork loosely with foil; stand 10 minutes before slicing.

Pears, parsnips and red onion have a natural sweetness that is enhanced on roasting. This sweet flavour balances beautifully with pork’s creamy, fatty texture making it the perfect pairing. It’s the same reason apple works so well as an accompaniment with pork in all its forms.


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