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Lamb steaks with mushroom cream sauce

Savoury, earthy mushroom cream sauce is gorgeous paired with these tender lamb steaks.
lamb steaks with mushroom cream sauce



1.Heat oiled grill pan (or grill plate or barbecue).
2.Rub lamb with oil, season. Cook lamb about 2 minutes each side or until cooked as desired. Remove from heat, cover; stand 5 minutes.
3.Meanwhile, make mushroom cream sauce. Melt butter in a medium frying pan and stir mushrooms and garlic over heat until tender. Add wine and vinegar; simmer, uncovered, until liquid is reduced by half. Add cream and simmer until sauce thickens. Season to taste.
4.Boil or steam broccolini until just tender.
5.Serve lamb with broccolini; drizzle with sauce.

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