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Lamb cutlets with spinach skordalia



Spinach skordalia


1.Combine the oil, juice, garlic and oregano with lamb in a large bowl. Cover and refrigerate for up to 1 hour.
2.To make spinach skordalia, combine water and breadcrumbs in a small bowl. Drop the spinach into a large saucepan of boiling water; drain, rinse immediately under cold water, drain. Squeeze spinach to extract excess water. Blend or process spinach and breadcrumb mixture with nuts, garlic and juice until smooth. With motor running, gradually add oil in a thin, steady stream; process until skordalia thickens.
3.Cook the lamb, in batches, on a heated oiled grill plate (or grill or barbecue) until browned on both sides and cooked as desired.
4.Serve cutlets with spinach skordalia and Greek salad, if desired.

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