Quick & Easy

Fresh tomato and basil spaghetti

They don't call it a classic for nothing. This Italian spaghetti dish is so effortless and simple yet so delicious you'll soon see why it's such a staple.
Spaghetti pomodoro fresco (Fresh tomato spaghetti)

Photography by Ian Wallace. Styling by Louise Pickford.




1.Place oil and garlic in a cold medium frying pan. Put the pan on a low heat. Once garlic is sizzling, but before it turns brown, add tomatoes to pan. Add salt and increase the heat to medium. Simmer, about 15 minutes, until soft and rich red. Season to taste.
2.Meanwhile, add spaghetti to a large saucepan of boiling, well-salted water until just tender or al dente. Drain. Add spaghetti to pan with the sauce. Remove from heat. Add basil and toss until well combined.
3.Serve in warm bowls with parmesan on top.

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