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Big greek lamb salad

This simple salad is well-balanced and completely delicious. Top tip: after placing lamb in preheated pan don't move it until it is well sealed (at least 3 minutes) as the water released when you move the lamb will make it stick to the pan.
big greek lamb salad



1.Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F.
2.Peel then crush the garlic into a medium bowl. Add the dried oregano and the oil; season with salt and pepper. Add the lamb to the bowl, and turn to coat all over with the garlic mixture. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap; refrigerate while preparing the bread, cheese and vegetables.
3.To make croûtons, slice the bread thinly and put it in a single layer on an oven tray. Drizzle the extra oil all over the bread. Put the tray in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes or until the bread is golden and crisp. Remove the tray from the oven, leave the croûtons to cool.
4.Meanwhile, thickly slice the cheese and halve the tomatoes. Cut the capsicum into quarters; cut away the seeds and membranes. Chop the capsicum coarsely. Peel, then coarsely chop the onion. Cut one lemon into wedges; juice the other lemon.
5.Put a large grill pan on the stove over high heat. Add the capsicum and cook for 5 minutes or until just soft. Remove capsicum from the pan using tongs and put it in a large bowl. Add the lamb to the pan and cook for about 7 minutes each side or until cooked the way you like it. Remove lamb from the pan using tongs and put it on a chopping board; cover the lamb with foil to keep it warm.
6.Remove the grill pan from the heat. Hold a piece of absorbent paper with tongs and wipe the pan clean. Put the pan back on the heat. Add the cheese to the pan and cook until golden on both sides.
7.Put the tomato, onion, cheese, lemon juice, herbs and watercress into the bowl with the capsicum; mix gently to combine.
8.Using a sharp knife, slice the lamb thinly. Top lamb with salad; serve immediately, accompanied with croûtons and lemon wedges.

Haloumi cheese is best eaten straight away after cooking or it becomes rubbery and squeaky, so serve this salad immediately.


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