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Beef san choy bau

Tasty parcels of mince wrapped in lettuce leaves.
beef san choy bau

Traditionally made with pork mince, this beef version of san choy bau is a great alternative. This tasty Asian staple can also be made with chicken or duck mince.



1.Soak mushrooms in boiling water for 15 minutes or until rehydrated. Strain and keep water aside.
2.Combine soy, oyster sauce, sugar, sesame oil and wine in small bowl.
3.Heat vegetable oil in wok over high heat. Fry mushroom, garlic, ginger, chili and green onion for 5 minutes. Add mince and brown for 3 to 4 minutes, breaking up with wooden spoon. Add chestnuts, mixed sauces and half of the mushroom water. Cook for 4 minutes or until sauce has reduced slightly.
4.Place a little steamed rice in each lettuce leaf and top with san choy bau mix. Sprinkle with extra green onion and serve immediately with remaining steamed rice.

To make separating the iceburg lettuce leaves easier cut , the bottom off the lettuce and soak in , cold water for 10 mins.


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