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Backstrap with celeriac mash and watercress

Celeriac may not be the prettiest of vegies, but this knobbly brown tuber is quite delicious. It has a white flesh with a subtle celery flavour and, when mashed, has the creaminess of potato - making it an ideal accompaniment to tender meats.
backstrap with celeriac mash and watercress



1.Boil, steam or microwave celeriac and potato until tender; drain. Mash celeriac and potato in large bowl with butter and cream; cover to keep warm.
2.Meanwhile, combine garlic, rosemary and 1 tablespoon of the oil in large bowl; add lamb, turn to coat in mixture. Heat large non-stick frying pan; cook lamb, uncovered, until browned both sides and cooked as desired. Cover lamb; stand 10 minutes then slice thickly.
3.Combine remaining oil and vinegar in small jug. Place watercress with half of the dressing in medium bowl; toss gently.
4.Serve lamb with celeriac mash and watercress; drizzle with remaining dressing.

Keep peeled celeriac in acidulated water before deep-frying, boiling or eating it raw.


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