Welcome to Candy Land cake

This fun cake is quite simple to assemble, thanks to the use of store-bought cakes and icing.
A slab cake decorated like a castle

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1.Secure cake bases, long sides together, on the cake board with a little frosting. Top with remaining cakes. Position muffins at one corner of the cake. Reserve 2 teaspoons of the frosting. Spread remaining frosting over top and sides of cake and muffins.
2.Trim the top off one sherbet cone; press cone onto small muffin. Press one of the flat-based cones onto large muffin then top with the mini ice-cream cone. Position remaining flat-based cone next to muffins. Cut red sour strap to make the door; position onto large muffin. Position remaining sherbet cones on either side of door. Press hearts onto sides of muffins then position a row of pink boiled lollies above hearts.
3.Secure the jube on top of the red boiled lolly with a little of the reserved frosting. Place on top of the flat base cone. Top with flags.
4.Using the picture as a guide, decorate cake with remaining lollies.

If using non-edible decorations, make sure to remove them before serving.


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