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Vanilla ice-cream sauce

Who knew you could make a sauce out of ice-cream? If you've never tried it, you're missing out. This vanilla ice-cream sauce is sweet, creamy and deliciously spiked with liqueur. Serve with warm cake or pudding.
hazelnut liqueur ice-cream sauce
1 Litre



1.Melt 1½ cups softened full-cream vanilla ice-cream in medium saucepan over low heat. Blend 3 teaspoons cornflour with 1 tablespoon cold water; whisk into ice-cream.
2.Stir over heat until mixture boils and thickens. Pour mixture into large bowl; whisk in ¼ cup hazelnut flavoured liqueur; cool.
3.Beat 1¾ cups thickened cream in small bowl with electric mixer until soft peaks form; whisk half the cream into ice-cream mixture then fold in remaining cream.

We used Frangelico liqueur in this recipe; or try either a chocolate- or orange-flavoured liqueur, if you like.


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