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Pancakes with lemon and sugar

Sprinkled with sugar and drizzled with lemon, this basic pancake recipe is a classic for a reason.
pancakes with lemon and sugar



1.Place flour in medium bowl. Make well in center; gradually whisk or stir in egg and enough of the milk to make a thin, smooth batter.
2.Heat large frying pan over high heat a few minutes. Place 1/2 teaspoon butter in pan; swirl around pan until greased all over. Pour 1/4 cup of the batter from jug into center of pan; quickly tilt pan so that batter runs from center around edge.
3.When pancake is browned lightly underneath, turn and brown other side. This can be done using spatula or egg slide, or pancake can be tossed and flipped over back into the pan; this takes a little practice.
4.Serve pancakes, as they are made, on warm plates; spread one side with a little of the butter. Drizzle with juice; sprinkle with sugar.

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