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Gingered junket

The word 'junket' normally conjures up images of politicians on 'work' trips in exotic places, or unappetising, lumpy bowls of custard. This dish is, thankfully, neither. It is a smooth, sweet, gingery bowl of goodness.
Gingered Junket



1.Crush junket tablets, dissolve in the cold water.
2.Put sugar and powdered milk in a bowl. Heat milk to lukewarm (do not overheat), stir into sugar and milk, add vanilla. Beat well.
3.Add dissolved junket tablets, stir in quickly. Pour into four individual serving dishes, let stand in warm place until set, about 15 minutes, then refrigerate. Before serving, sprinkle with nutmeg, ar- range some sliced preserved ginger on top and spoon over a little ginger syrup. Serves 4

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