Berry lychee granita with coyo icecream

The ultimate summer dessert!

The ultimate summer dessert. Fresh berries and lychee come together to make a fresh granita and served with a creamy, coconut yoghurt ice-cream for a dessert that is a delight to the senses. Use vegan condensed milk to make it a fully vegan dessert.

Presenting this fresh and cleansing italian-style dessert is an ideal way to wind down a summer party or family gathering.

Looking for a classic watermelon and mint granita or more frozen desserts?



1.Whisk coconut yoghurt, condensed milk and salt in a bowl. Transfer to an airtight container; freeze for 2 hours or until almost firm. Transfer mixture to a food processor; process until smooth. Return to container; freeze until firm.
2.Meanwhile, drain lychees; reserve syrup.
3.Remove rind from limes into long thin strips, using a zesting tool (alternatively, thinly peel rind using a vegetable peeler, avoiding the white pith; cut rind into fine strips). Squeeze 1 lime; you will need 2 tablespoons juice. Place half the rind in a small glass with enough water to cover; refrigerate until ready to serve.
4.Place sugar, reserved lychee syrup and remaining lime rind in a saucepan over medium heat; bring to the boil, stirring, until sugar dissolves. Cool. Strain syrup; discard rind.
5.Reserve 8 lychees and ½ cup raspberries to serve (you can freeze these if you like for a frosted look). Blend remaining lychees and raspberries with the lime juice and sugar syrup until smooth. Pour into a shallow container; freeze for 2 hours or until icy around edges. Roughly break up mixture with a fork. Return to freezer, raking mixture with a fork every hour or until firm.
6.Serve granita with co-yo ice-cream and remaining lychees and raspberries; top with curled lime rind.

Make sure to buy unsweetened coconut yoghurt or the recipe will be too sweet.

You can use fresh or frozen raspberries.


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