Peaches & cream frilled cake

peaches & cream Frilled Cake
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1.Trim cake and secure to 20cm (8-inch) square wooden cake board.
2.Knead three-quarters of the icing on surface dusted with a little cornflour until icing loses its stickiness. Roll icing on cornfloured surface into 3mm thickness.
3.Using rolling pin, lift icing over cake, smooth with hands then smoothing tools. Trim icing neatly around base. Dry cake overnight.
4.Divide remaining icing into 5 equal portions. Working with cornfloured hands, tint 4 portions with peach colouring so that each portion is a slightly darker shade than the last. Leave remaining portion ivory. Wrap portions, separately, in plastic wrap.
5.Roll out darkest shade of icing into 3mm thickness on surface dusted with cornflour. Cut out 4 scalloped shapes; cover with vinyl mat.
6.Working with one shape at a time on a surface dusted with cornflour, frill the scalloped edge of the shape by rolling a 15cm (6-inch) scalloped edge frill cutter, backwards and forwards over the edge of the shape. Repeat with remaining shapes.
7.With a medium artist’s paint brush, brush a tiny amount of water 2cm up from the base of the cake. Position the straight edge of the frilled shape onto the damp area of the cake. (Brush only where the top of the frill is to sit, not the frill itself.) Continue this process around the cake, using one frilled shape for each side.
8.Repeat using remaining portions of icing, ending with the ivory-coloured frill, and overlapping frilled layers slightly, until the sides are completely covered with frills.

While this frilly little cake is ideal for a baby shower or christening, it would also delight any budding prima ballerina in the family. Use shades of pink to resemble a tutu, and top with a pair of ballet slippers. The frilled strips of icing should still be slightly soft when positioned on the cake. The icing strips will stretch a little to cover the sides of the cake. If you prefer to colour this cake a different colour, you will need to use white store-bought icing, not ivory coloured. The charm of this dainty little cake is in the delicate shades of its colour along with its peachy frills. The frills are quite easy to make, however, they are fragile and must be handled with care otherwise they may stretch or tear when being positioned around the cake.


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