Mixed berry baked cheesecake

It's berry good!
mixed berry baked cheesecake

The tartness of the mixed berries cuts through the sweetness of the cheesecake beautifully in this recipe. With its chocolate base and brightly coloured topping, the dish also makes a visually stunning dessert.

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1.Grease and line 20cm x 30cm lamington pan.
2.Blend or process biscuits until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add butter; process until just combined. Using hand, press biscuit mixture into base of prepared pan, cover; refrigerate until firm.
3.Meanwhile, preheat oven to slow. Beat cheese, sugar and juice in large bowl with electric mixer until smooth. Add eggs, sour cream and flour; beat until combined. Spread cream cheese mixture over biscuit base; sprinkle with berries. Bake cheesecake, uncovered, in slow oven about 35 minutes. Cool to room temperature; refrigerate until firm.

Use a hot knife to make cutting the cheesecake easier.


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