Leek, zucchini and carrot pies

leek,zucchini and carrot pies



1.Place wholemeal flour and 50g butter in food processor; process until combined. With motor operating, add enough of the water until mixture just forms a ball; knead lightly on floured surface until smooth. Cover; refrigerate 20 minutes.
2.Heat remaining butter in large saucepan. Stir in leek; cook until soft. Stir in flour; cook until bubbling. Remove from heat; gradually stir in milk. Stir over heat until sauce boils and thickens. Cover; cool to room temperature.
3.Boil, steam or microwave zucchini and carrot until just tender. Stir vegetables and parsley into sauce; spoon into two 1-cup (250ml) ovenproof dishes.
4.Roll pastry out on floured surface until 5mm thick. Cut pastry into two rounds large enough to cover dishes; trim edges. Brush with extra milk; decorate with remaining pastry. (Can be made 1 day ahead to this stage and refrigerated, covered).
5.Bake, uncovered, in moderately hot oven about 20 minutes or until pastry is browned lightly and crisp.

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