Last-minute cake with fresh flowers

Last-minute cakewith fresh flowers
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Last-minute cakewith fresh flowers


1.Bake cakes as per package instructions. Trim cakes. Secure large cake to largest board, secure remaining cakes to same-sized boards.
2.Push 3 trimmed skewers into centre of large and medium cakes to support the top tiers. Secure medium cake on top of large cake, secure small cake on top of medium cake.
3.Make fluffy frosting. Working quickly, spread frosting all over cake.
4.Trim flower stems, wrap the stems in florist’s tape. Position flowers on top of cake.

EQUIPMENT 30cm (12-inch) round wooden cake board 20cm (8-inch) round wooden cake board 15cm (6-inch) round wooden cake board 6 wooden cake skewers small offset metal spatula 2 x quantities fluffy frosting Fresh organic flowers white florist’s tape Make the frosting after you have stacked and secured the cakes. You need to work quickly once the frosting is ready as it sets quickly. This frosting colours beautifully if you want a pastel-coloured cake to fit in with the colour theme of your event. The cakes can be frosted one day ahead, however, the frosting loses its sheen once it has set. The flowers should be prepared and positioned on the day of serving. Step 1 Beat fluffy frosting in a small bowl with an electric mixer until it is thick, spreadable and almost cooled to room temperature. Step 2 Be ready to spread the frosting onto the cake as soon as it’s prepared, you need to work quickly before the frosting sets. Step 3 On the day of serving, trim flower stems to lie neatly on top of cake. Wrap stems in florist’s tape, position flowers on cake.


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