Hobbit’s house cake

Lord of the Rings-inspired hobbit house birthday cake! Make this birthday cake for any Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, and Hobbit fans of Sam, Frodo, Pippin and Merry.
Hobbit's house cake




1.Using a little frosting, stack cakes together. Using a serrated knife, trim into a dome shape. Position two of the muffins on either side of cake, with flat muffin bases against cake. Cut remaining muffin in half, crossways. Position cut muffin on either side of one of the whole muffins to form a mound. Spread frosting over top and sides of cake and muffins.
2.Melt the chocolate. Divide chocolate into two small bowls. Tint one portion blue and other portion green. Spread one of the Wagon Wheels with blue chocolate and remaining Wagon Wheel with green chocolate. Using picture as a guide; top green Wagon Wheel with M&M and the blue Wagon Wheel with licorice strap. Allow to set.
3.Using picture as a guide, position Wagon Wheels on cake for door and window. Secure chocolate bullets and sultanas on front of cake. Position spearmint leaves and bootlaces on top of cake.
4.Position Ovalteenies for pathway. Tint the coconut green. Sprinkle coconut on back of cake and around base of cake.

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