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chocolate   Box
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1.Trim cake and secure cake to 20cm (8-inch) square wooden cake board. Spread cake all over with ganache.
2.Cut baking paper into four strips measuring 10cm x 16cm. Melt chocolate Melts in medium heatproof bowl over medium saucepan of simmering water (don’t let water touch base of bowl). Remove from heat; tint chocolate with a little yellow colouring.
3.Using spatula, spread chocolate evenly over the baking-paper strips. Leave chocolate to set for a few minutes, then carefully pick up paper and move to another sheet of baking paper (this neatens the edges). Stand about 5 minutes or until chocolate sets.
4.Turn the chocolate over, peel baking paper away from chocolate panels; press panels onto sides of cake. Wrap ribbon around panels; secure ends with glue. Make a bow and secure over ribbon with craft glue.
5.Place one block of chocolate upside down on bench. Place your hand on the chocolate to warm it slightly. Drag a sharp cheese slicer over the chocolate to make curls. Repeat with remaining chocolate to make enough curls to cover and fill the top of the chocolate box. Fill box with chocolate curls.

We found that using a cheese slicer is an easy and effective way of making large chocolate curls. You can use this recipe as a guide to make the boxes smaller or larger. Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift as wonderful, and as delicious, as this chocolate box? It’s the perfect present for any occasion.


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