Quick & Easy

Blue cheese and salami omelette

For a speedy, nutritious and filling meal, a simple omelette is the way to go.
blue cheese and salami omelette



1.Preheat grill (broiler).
2.Beat egg whites in a large mixing bowl with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Add yolks, beat to combine.
3.Melt butter in a deep 24cm (9½-inch) (base measurement) frying pan over medium heat. Pour in egg mixture; cook, uncovered, about 3 minutes or until omelette is almost set.
4.Sprinkle capsicum and salami over omelette; top with heaped teaspoons of dip and cheese. Place under hot grill for 2 minutes or until browned lightly and cooked through.
5.Serve omelette with toasted crusty bread, if you like.

We used gorgonzola cheese, but any blue cheese will work well with this dish.


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