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Big rig petrol tanker cake

Make this delicious, colourful and fun big rig petrol tanker cake for you child's birthday.
big rig petrol tanker
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1.Secure 8 muffins, side-by-side in a single line, on the cake board with a little frosting. Secure sponge rolls on top of the muffins with a little frosting.
2.Reserve ½ cup of the frosting. Tint remaining frosting yellow. Spread yellow frosting all over sponge rolls and muffins.
3.Position remaining muffins at the front end of the trailer to create the driver’s cab; secure with a little frosting. Tint reserved frosting grey with black colouring. Spread grey frosting all over sides and top of cab.
4.Unroll each licorice strap until you are left with a 6cm (2½-inch) diameter roll; trim away unrolled pieces. Cut licorice rolls in half to make `wheels’. Position wheels on cake (you need 14 wheels). Secure milky bar buttons to wheels with a little frosting. Trim remaining licorice to make two mud guards and windows; position on cab.

Cut two small stars from sour strap; position on cake as pictured. Using picture as a guide, decorate tanker with bootlaces. Cut 3 sour tubes in half crossways, position on cake to form front grill. Trim bootlace to fit across front of cab and back of tanker. Position orange M&M’s as headlights and brake lights. Using picture as a guide, decorate cab with yellow chocolate drops and mini M&M’s for rig lights. Attach remaining sour tubes as exhaust pipes. Use the sour straps to decorate the petrol tanker in a pattern of your choice. Alternatively, write your child’s name with lollies (or writing icing) over the tanker. If using butter cream instead of the vanilla frosting, you will need two quantities of butter cream (see page 110). You need to purchase 2 x 420g packets of muffin bars.


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